The Art of Giving

2019-10-10 3:13:10

The Art of Giving

From June 14 to 23, 2019, the 26th Romanian Sibiu International Theatre Festival was held as scheduled. The theme of this festival was “The Art of Giving”. Ms. Mao Weitao, the representative of Yue Opera Town and a famous Yue opera performance artist, was invited to hold the “Transgender Performance” workshop. Ms. Guo Chenzi, Secretary General of the International Theatre Town Alliance, was invited to attend the thematic forum “Public Space: Architecture and Virtual Environment”. 

On the afternoon of June 18, Ms. Mao Weitao had a discussion with Dr. Octavian Saiu, the Romanian drama expert and the council member of the International Theatre Town, at the local Habitus Bookstore. Ms. Mao talked about her understanding of the Yue opera and the performance of the female xiaosheng in the Yue opera. Dr. Saiu said that from the conversation she could feel the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture and the charm and potential of Chinese opera art, and especially thanked the Yue Opera Town.

(Dr. Octavian Saiu, on the right)

The three-day workshop was held successfully from June 20 to 22.


(Ms. Mao Weitao, the first on the left, is giving a demonstration.)


Also from June 20 to 22, four thematic forums on the theatre architecture were held. The Yue Opera Town was invited to speak on the theme of “The value of cultural development to the community”. Mr. Guo Xiaonan, Chairman of Shengzhou Yue Opera Town Culture & Tour Co., Ltd., Chairman of the International Theatre Town Alliance, and a famous director, was unable to attend the forum but specifically recorded a video in advance to be shown at the session. Cultural development is the greatest investment in a community, as cultural development not only reflects and establishes the cultural identity of a community, but also represents a social dialogue. Can the cultural facilities built in the cultural development meet the needs of the community? Can they demonstrate their most unique characteristics? Will it be difficult to get a response because of the lack of cultural ambition at the beginning of the construction? In the development process, how to ensure that the community’s opinions can be absorbed and produce the greatest impact and value?

The designers and builders of the Yue Opera Town responded to the questions raised at the forum. Architects from the United Kingdom, Canada and Romania were watching the Yue Opera Town architecture with great interest.


(The forum. The microphone holder is Mr. Constantin Chiriac, Art Director of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival)


The Art of Giving is a two-way process, just like the cultural exchange. In the future, the Yue Opera Town and the International Theatre Town Alliance Forum will have more cooperation with Sibiu International Theatre Festival.