Constitution of the Alliance联盟章程

ITTA Articles of Association

1.Name of Alliance:

English full name is International Theatre Town Alliance, short for ITTA.

2.Property of ITTA:

International Theatre Town Alliance is initiated by Shengzhou Yue Opera Town Culture &Town Co., Ltd, the first international alliance based on theatre town, it is composed of experts and scholars from regions which have drama origin and performance art history, it’s a non-governmental and non-profit academic group.

3. Mission of ITTA:

ITTA aims to organize all members to jointly study the heritage, protection and development of performance art in China and the world.

4.Main activity of ITTA:

ITTA sets “ Voluntariness, Friendly Cooperation” as its guiding principle, “Study the heritage and development of drama in a creative way and international exchanges” as its keynote, based on the history, culture and status of theater town in different countries, actively explore the public effect and artistic achievement of performing arts development caused by the theater town.

Forum will be held, paper will be collected and seminars will be organized by ITTA. Any research essay will be officially published.

5. Permanent Humanities Subject of ITTA:

ITTA studies the establishment, structure and future development direction of theater town. It studies the theory and practice of performing art and observes the cultural management and policy associated with it. It studies the relationship between performance and history, economy, humanities, and pays attention to its position and meaning in big culture vision.

6.Member of ITTA:

The main body of ITTA is regions(administrative unit) with drama origin and performance art history in the world or drama experts and scholars(individual unit) from different countries.

7. Member Rights of ITTA:

Member can attend the following exchange and activities once the construction of Shengzhou Yue Opera Town is done:

1.Attend alliance meeting, forum and activity on irregular basis;

2.Perform at Yue Opera Town with its own show(The show must be submitted to president of ITTA for approval);

3.Academic research and practice about Performance art and feature town can enjoy free reception of Shengzhou Yue Opera[Town’s] workshop;

4.Hold international theater academic lecture to form platform for academic exchange, teaching and interaction of performing art;

5.Hold [Performance art]performance art exhibition with theme, creating diverse ecology and presentation of [Performance art]performance art.

All participating countries or regions as well as experts and scholars have the right to participate in the activity of ITTA and enjoy its services. Meanwhile it is obliged to hold true, kind and scientific attitude towards alliance and make its own contribution, jointly maintaining the healthy development of alliance.

8.Governing Body of ITTA:

Experts, scholars and individuals attending the first ITTA conference will be council member of ITTA. Council of ITTA is the governing and executive body.

9.The president of ITTA council comes from the originating institution:

Academic advisor, vice president, secretary general of alliance are recommended by president and voted by all directors. The president of ITTA council has a five-year term and is eligible for re-election.

10.Conference Rules of ITTA:

ITTA will hold conference on irregular basis. In principle, the conference will be held at permanent location-Shengzhou Yue Opera Town. In case of changes, the location is selected based on the recommendation of more than half of members.

11.ITTA council reserves the right to interpret the Articles of Association.

12.The Articles of Association comes into force from the date of announcement.

International Theater Town Alliance Council

March 26, 2018