For the past six months

2020-9-18 17:06:14

For the past six months

From welcoming the Lunar New Year to the sudden outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus,from the suspension close to reopen, in the past six months, Yue Opera Town has suffered many tests.January 25 is the first day of theChinese

Spring Festival. Just three days ago, on January 22, Yue Opera Town officially announced all the performances and activities during the Spring Festival holiday. No one expected that Wuhan would be closed down soon, and the COVID-19 epidemic was breaking out and swept whole country. The next day, YueOpera Town issued an announcement that all shows and activities were cancelled, and the entire place was temporarily closed. When informed the performance teams, they were about to depart from Russia and Germany, they had arrived at the airport and were about to set off... Everything suddenly stopped. All the scene was empty, and the lights of the Ancient Opera House was off, the music in the Oprea Fans Hall stopped, and the colored lights seemed to be reduced in color.All the staff prepared for the Spring Festival,but unexpectedly took a holiday.

On February 29, president Mr. Guo Xiaonan,sent an official letter to alliance members,in view of COVID-19 , this year’s alliance forum had to be cancelled. All members of the alliance expressed their understandings, no one could predict the impact of COVID-19 on the global performing arts industry.


On March 1, Yue Opera Town issued an announcement to resume its reopening. Spring came, peach blossoms are blooming.The indoor places are still closed, but the outdoors are reopeing. Yue Opera Town made a statement to allow all medical workers to enter and free of charge, it is also open to Shengzhou citizens for one month free of charge, and will be discounted to other tourists . At the same time, controls the number of entering people,  measures the temperature of tourists, and asks tourists to show their health codes and wear masks. On the premise of ensuring the health and keeping distance of tourists, it is the wish of Yue OperaTown to use the spring scenery of nature to soothe the anxiety in isolation during the epidemic. President Mr. Guo Xiaonan, sent an letter to all the employees, thanking everyone for their spirit of "loving others as much as you can".

At the end of April, the "Spring feast" was held again, following the custom of Yue Opera Town, which included zither, chess, books, opera, tea,yellow rice wine and flowers.Use traditional culture and traditional lifestyle to clean up the haze caused by the epidemic, and call for the return of healthy life with the sharing of cultural feasts and seasonal delicacies in spring.

Spring Feast

Dragon Boat Festival


On Mother's Day and Children's Day, Yue Opera Town launched a series of activities such as "Outdoor Yue Opera Flash Show", "Yue Opera Lesson for Mama" and "Puppet Class", and Chinese traditional games for children. Spreading Yue Opera, conveying happiness.

Mother's Day

Childrens Day

On May 30, the Ancient Opera House officially resumed performances.During the Dragon Boat Festival, the traditional theme activities such as Dragon Boat Race, Bamboo Dumpling Competition...were held. Many intangible cultural heritage opera such as Taizhou Luantan Opera, Yongjia Kun Opera, Huangmei Opera and Yue Opera were staged in the Ancient Opera House. Yue Opera Town gradually recovered to what it used to be.


   Huangmei Opera    

Yue Opera

 Yongjia kun Opera

Taizhou Luantan

Sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 is a serious danger to the cultural tourism industry.Yue Opera Town handed its own result.

Although the activities of the International Theatre Town Alliance have been suspended,Alliance still pays attention to the art activities of various countries, Whether it is holding online forums, promoting online theater performances, or reflecting on the creation and dissemination of art during the epidemic, these behaviors are building strength for the future, because the epidemic will eventually subside and the opera will not stop.Dragon Boat Festival