Trip to Sibiu International Theater Festival

2018-8-6 10:23:43

From June 10, 2018 to June 16, at the invitation of Constantin Chiriac-president of Sibiu International Theater Festival and director of ITTA, Mr Guo Xiaonan-president of ITTA attended the 25th Sibiu International Theater Festival with his team.


Opening ceremony show of Sibiu International Theater Festival


At the 25th Sibiu International Theater Festival, Mr Guo Xiaonan as special guest took the lead to speak on the first forum titled “Impact of Community and Culture on Local”, he introduced the development plan of Town and field that ITTA concerned about. After the forum, many participants actively sought cooperation and spoke highly of the culture positioning and appeal of Yue Opera Town.


    Mr Noam(left) director of Israel Tel Aviv-Yafo Art Festival, Mr Octavian(right) professor of department of theatricals of Romania University, director of ITTA.

In the international performance trade section specially set by Sibiu Theater Festival, the organizer once again give Yue Opera Town enough time to display itself. Performance agencies and troupes from England, Israel, Spain, India, France strongly expressed their intention to cooperate.



During the “Quick Work Network” section, producers from Spain and England come to negotiate.


Within less than one week, director Guo Xiaonan together with his team watched 16 performances of all different kinds at Sibiu Theater Festival. The performance covers drama, mime, puppet show, modern dance, new circus, Japanese traditional Noh Theater and Romanian contemporary outdoor performance with feature of post-modern theater. Meanwhile, they visited 7 performance spaces of different sizes and features.


Street show during Sibiu International Theater Festival


Mr Constantin founder and president of Sibiu International Theater Festival specially invited director Guo Xiaonan for a private talk. He proposed that next year will be the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and Romania, he hopes that communication and cooperation can be deepened through this event. Not only introduce performances but more importantly establish cooperation of theater festival between two countries, creating new works. Director Guo Xiaonan agreed with his proposal and further talks will be held in October.


Director Guo Xiaonan talks with Mr Constantin


In front of the backdrop of Sibiu International Theater Festival, group photo of director Guo Xiaonan, TownChief of Yue Opera Town Yang Yue and Mr.Constantin