Here Comes Yue Opera Town!

2018-12-29 17:09:03

On August 2, 2018, Yue Opera town, held a promotion at the Great Hall of the People, Zhejiang Province. Mr. Guo Xiaonan elaborated on the main content and planning of the town. As a former theatre director and now chairman of the cultural tourism industry, Mr. Guo delivered the message to structure the town with an art form of a director’s professionalism, coupled with design of constant “surprises,” just like the way a director treats the stage.


(Mr. Guo Xiaonan presents vegetables the town grows to the audience on site)


The promotion also saw presence of Ms. He Jiping, a renowned Chinese screenwriter; Mr. Zhou Liming, a famed film critic, and Ms. Mao Weitao, a celebrated Yue Opera actor, and ambassador of Yue Opera Town.

“Finally, I see a town that is characterized by drama.” said Ms. HeJiping. “I liken a town to a classic script; the plot is the variety of theaters. I also liken a town to a symphony, a symphony with Allegro, Adagio and Rondo. I often say writing as my dojo. Now I have one more dojo, that is, the Yue Opera Town. I hope I can practice here."

The Kun Opera artist Lin Weilin performed a highlight from "Lv Bu Tries the Horse." Liu Jianyang, representative of the monkey role in Shao Opera, performed a fragment from the "Monkey King," while the young Li Xiaowen and Xu Yena from the Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe performed "Peony Pavilion﹒Darkness Bride." Artists performances were well-received by the audience.


(Lin Weilin performs Kun Opera "Lv Bu Tries the Horse")


(Liu Jianyang performs Shao Opera the "Monkey King")


Li Xiaowen and Xu Yena performs the "Peony Pavilion﹒Darkness Bride"

The promotional film of the Yue Opera Town was officially released at the Promotion event.